Opinion Letter

Reprinted from the Foothills Gazette Opinion Letters, June 13-23, 2011

Corridor, Terminal Key Issues

Please do not forget that some of the politicians and local business people who supported the proposed Commerce Corridor that would have ripped up the rural South Fork Valley/Acme area and transformed it from a 2-land highway into an 8-lane mega highway/rail transport system, now support the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal at Cherry Point. Don’t let anyone fool you. I hope you will write about the politicians running for County Executive and their views on the old Commerce Corridor plans and the current Gateway Pacific Terminal project, and just who is behind the funding of this Terminal. The advertising says it’s a Washington State company, but 49 percent of the company is owned by Goldman Sachs, one of the companies involved in our country’s financial crisis.

We need to keep our country rural, beautiful and clean, while providing good local jobs for people living here; not jobs for people who will be moving in to fill those jobs. Please report of these serious key issues, especially as the election nears, and I urge residents to do some research on their own.

-David Jennings, County

1 thought on “Opinion Letter

  1. >Doug merely introduced the legislation for the corridor before he voted against it. CYA all the way to the bank. The county ( Bellingham included ) has a viable alternative this time around. That being said his kool-aid drinking constituents do vote. We, the other people, need to step up and vote like it matters.

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