Patty Murray’s S. 942


While Mayor Pike’s announcement in oppositionto the proposed coal export terminal in Whatcom County is an important step in getting public officials to publicly oppose coal export from GPT, there is more work to be done in the area of local and national politics.

Take for example, Senator Patty Murray’s S. 942 Transportation Infrastructure Grants and Economic Reinvestment Act. Please take the time to read it closely, but in summary it is an all-purpose transportation infrastructure bill with a big bucket of money that could finance such things as the GPT piers, associated rail and road construction, and wetland mitigation. 

Oh…paid for by taxpayers should also be mentioned. 

There is no exclusion of coal export terminals in the bill either. However, it does exclude the “cost of dredging activities (3b),” which seems to make this bill tailor-maid for GPT.  A trojan horse, as one person put it.

At this stage, SGSF is interested in collecting as much information as we can about this bill. Please email us with your thoughts, comments, insights, and research. We will follow-up this post with a recommended course of action.

Until then, we’ll leave you with a bit of public information that we think may be relevant to understanding this process.

In a 2009 Public Financial Disclosure Report for Patty Murray, her husband, Rob Murray’s, retirement account with SSA Marine is valued between $250 & $500K.  Yes…SSA Marine, the largest marine operator in the world that wants to build a the largest coal export terminal in the country in Whatcom County. 

As the Seattle Weekly states in 2004, while “this connection is not widely known, it’s no secret.”